Message Arménien-Français (Aurea Nadia Aharonian)

My name is Aurea Nadia Aharonian.
I am an armenian woman born in France.
Here is my ning page:

I have found you on the web, while researching information on organic agriculture in Armenia. As a long time lay seeker in ecological innovations, I have through the years come across valuable techniques and people, and I just wanted to share them with you, so that they can be more widely known and benefit to the planet and her people.

First of all, you may want to visit my blog <>
on which I have reported three experiments:

1-  18 Fév.: Encore des légumes géants! (follow the link to SEER Centre).
Also check out the site <;

2-  13  Fév.: Légumes géants, suite…

3 – 13 Fév.: L’Homme qui parle avec les Plantes

This story is reported by the peruvian journalist Yvo Perez Barreto, about Don Jose Carmen, a  mexican farmer owning three hectares on which he has developed special fertilizers able to produce 45 kilos cabbages. He is also able to bring the rain anywhere he wants with a special reproductible method.
The book has been printed by the Paris publisher Presses du Châtelet, and there is also a DVD available here: <;

4- The work of the austrian permaculturist
Sepp HOLZER, who grows cherries five months of the year above altitude 1000, in a remote and harsh region that has been called « the austrian Siberia ». Besides being a great farmer, he also is a genial hydrologist. He carves the lanscape to create sustainable ecosystems rich in biodiversity.

All the informations are on his website
Krameterhof. Also review his ongoing  work with Tamera, the southern Portugal eco-village, on Tamera’s website.

5- Last but not least: SEKEM
Sekem was started by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in 1977 in Egypt, on 70 hectares of desert sand.
Biodynamic agriculture of the land started, and by 1981 he was able to export the first shipment of medicinal plants and food ingredients to the United States !

Dear Professor, you probably already had part or all of these informations, and much more, but I thought I would share them with you, just in case you didn’t.
Thank you very much for the precious work  you are doing to help Armenia, my homeland, and all  the Earth.
God bless you!

Aurea Nadia Aharonian
Quillan, France


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Willem Van Cotthem

Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium). Scientific Consultant for Desertification and Sustainable Development.